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A different side of Joni Mitchell

One of my first ever blog posts was about Joni Mitchell. In that essay, I made the point that a lot of Mitchell’s songs were, to use her own word, “theatre”. That is to say that, even though she frequently

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Sing whatever is well made

There is a prevalent attitude towards popular music that places the artistry of the singer-songwriter above that of the singer who performs other people’s songs. It’s a fairly recent phenomenon. I don’t think that anyone expected Ella Fitzgerald or Frank

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Warlock, the fiddler and the indefinite article

A recent short exchange of comments with kurtnemes concerning Peter Warlock, got me to thinking about the poetry of W B Yeats, and song settings thereof. Since I lived in Ireland for much of my youth, Yeats has always meant

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The Songs of Joni Mitchell

For more than three decades it has been customary, if not quite obligatory, for pop music journalists to compare all blossoming female singer-songwriters  to Joni Mitchell.  Perhaps it is an indication of Mitchell’s greatness that so few songstresses seem able

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