BLESS – AY 1. Happy Days.

A friend has created a new blog, called vastland. Do visit and read his inaugural blessay. What’s a blessay? You’ll need to read it to find out.


England isn’t living through happy days. Despair at the cost of living, stringent attacks on welfare, political confusion and the storms, currently battering our coastline, ensure this is so. It’s February 15th 2014. And I’m writing the very first entry for my blog. Not with any intension to dramatically change the state of the nation, but casually inform, instruct, hopefully entertain myself and others: give people a happier day! I’m too old and undisciplined to start a diary or journal. The only time I tried that was in my early thirties and the result was too gushingly existential and introspective. I’ve written the occasional essay, book or film review but I never felt I put my heart into it. They always appeared the scribblings of an unpaid hack journalist. Now the world of the electronic blogosphere has tempted my ego to have its day, and its say, channel my thoughts into blog…

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