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Dinah Shore and Frank Zappa

Those lists of tips for writing a good blog invariably stress the importance of provocative titles. I had half a mind to entitle this post “If you’re not bisexual now, you will be once you’ve seen this video clip” but

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An artist to be valued

The jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman “threw in a little Bach” – as he mischievously put it – to his opening number at the Wigmore Hall in London last night. Bach more than any of the other great classical composers holds

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A cure for all ills

Sometimes life just gets you down. In my last post I grumbled a bit about life, and offered some music to provide consolation. I’m all for the dignified, meditative, spiritually uplifting approach to dealing with life’s gloomier moments, but I

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I’m always alone playing piano

I’ve been remiss. I decided, therefore, that I shouldn’t let another weekend pass without posting something new here. Blogging has proved a great pleasure, and I certainly have no reluctance to sit at my keyboard and prose on about topics

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