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Warlock, the fiddler and the indefinite article

A recent short exchange of comments with kurtnemes concerning Peter Warlock, got me to thinking about the poetry of W B Yeats, and song settings thereof. Since I lived in Ireland for much of my youth, Yeats has always meant

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I wanna hear Caravan with a drum solo

Ten years ago, I was in Nazareth (the city that is, not the rock group), and found myself with a group of people (my colleagues from London plus our hosts in Nazareth) in a very plush, spacious and comfortable bar

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Kodály’s orchestral gem

Some years ago, unable to sleep in the early hours of the morning, I switched on BBC Radio 3 in the hope of finding something soothing and soporific. The music on offer that night, was neither. It was, however, revelatory. 

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The Songs of Joni Mitchell

For more than three decades it has been customary, if not quite obligatory, for pop music journalists to compare all blossoming female singer-songwriters  to Joni Mitchell.  Perhaps it is an indication of Mitchell’s greatness that so few songstresses seem able

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Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Clarinet Quintet

It is perhaps unsurprising that one of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s early champions should have been Elgar. Taylor had a way with a tune, and not a few of his tunes sound distinctly Elgarian. In a letter to his publisher, August Jaeger,

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Music for string orchestra

The string orchestra has been peculiarly well-served by composers throughout the 19th and 20th centuries.  Composers who take easily to the large-scale orchestral palate somehow find another facet to their creative personalities when approaching these slimmed-down forces. Take, for example,

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